MTS2MP4 - Convert MTS / M2TS / AVCHD to MP4 on Mac OS X

My wife recently bought a camera which, while generally quite good, saves movies in the MTS format which is a little irritating to use. MTS isn't very suitable for playback on Mac OS X, so I wrote a nice wrapper around HandBrakeCLI for her to convert these files. I originally wanted to support AVI, however, HandBrakeCLI has (reasonably) now dropped support for this old format. While there was other software out there, it was generally shareware or required payment. This seemed a little wrong to me, as all of the conversion software that you need to do this is open source.

Hopefully this software will be of use to others, so I've released the code under the GPL v2. Please feel free to submit bug reports via email (I'm not a Cocoa programmer though, so please be gentle :-).

Quick Guide:

  1. Download and put the application somewhere.
  2. Start it up and drag one or more .MTS or .M2TS files onto the dock icon (it probably won't accept a directory).
  3. Wait as the MP4 files are output to the same directory as your input files.

Note that you may wish to open up the preferences and change the encode quality under advanced. This corresponds to the -q switch for HandBrakeCLI, by default this is set to 0.75. Values between 0 and 1 are valid, however, 0.25 will look like rubbish, and 1 will produce large files, slowly.

Download MTS2MP4:

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