Estimate your GAMSAT Score from Practice Exams

Ever wanted to estimate what your GAMSAT score will be from practice exams?

I built the following tool as a study procrastination techique. It uses a sigmoidal model to fit past exam data posted by other students and then predict marks using a fairly simple regression. Please note that this is only an estimate based of the marks that other PagingDr students have achieved on the practice exams and the real GAMSAT. There is no guarantee that you will perform similarly to the prediction of this tool. For more information, please refer to the PagingDr thread found at:

This tool has the assumption that you have done the practice exams under exam conditions. Extreme low or high (≥80% ) marks are likely to be less reliable as well. Still, it worked very well for me (within 2 points both times I sat GAMSAT). If you'd like, rather than using it below, you can open the GAMSAT calculator in a new page.

I've also been contacted by various companies and been offered money to link out to various GAMSAT preparation courses. While I can vouch for the quality of the now no-longer offered Des courses many years ago, your best bet to improving these scores is to ask current first year medical students or look on the PagingDr forums. I won't recommend or link out to something unless I truly think it's worthwhile - and I just don't know the current best preparation resources in 2021.

This should probably be updated with new scores. This should be as straight-forward as updating the CSV, but I no longer have the time or interest. The source code is available at: