Prior to blogs or GitHub existing, people used to just upload the things that they'd been working on to their personal websites. This site was created with the same aim way back in 2003 (long before Facebook and even MySpace!) The name comes from the sample text in a logo design template in the GIMP. It's a little bit silly, but we could all do with a bit more silliness.

This site largely consists of research publications, where I (Robert McLeay) am an author, software projects that hopefully are of use to others, and notes on various topics (such as building a boat, or porting C++ code from unix to windows). So if you find something useful to you, I'm glad to have helped.

Over the years, I have worked in a range of fields including IT, genomics, and what could be called applied pharmacology - building a successful medtech startup company with a software based medical device (DoseMe) — from writing the first line of code to exit via acquisition. Currently, I am completing a medical degree, participating in research, and assisting startup companies around Brisbane (and working on one beer-related side project - Urgent Brewing).

After working in IT, I returned to university and completed a PhD in Bioinformatics (see my research interests). I then founded DoseMe, which develops precision dosing and dose individualisation software for doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare providers. DoseMeRx provides model informed precision dosing for 40+ medications such as vancomycin to a large number of hospitals predominantly across the United States, but also in several European countries, and Australia.

In January 2019 DoseMe was acquired by Tabula Rasa Healthcare (NASDAQ: TRHC), adding a new head office in Moorestown NJ, with existing staff remaining present in Texas, and maintaining (and growing) our Australian office in Brisbane. I resigned at the end of the 2019 year, confident that DoseMe is in safe hands for its continued growth and expansion.

Over the years, I have developed a range of tools here that I either modified or wrote to help with that work, and also some other related information. Some of the more interesting IT projects that I have been involved in are porting a programming language (compiler/interpreter/virtual machine) (written in C/C++) from Unix to Windows, leading a development team, and architectural systems-related work in the ISP area.

On a lighter note, I enjoy flying (models and general aviation), playing bass guitar and piano, and sailing. If you wish to get in touch, feel free to email me.