About this site:

Prior to blogs existing, people used to just have personal websites containing things that they'd been working on. I started this site, as I was working in IT and have made some stuff that may be (but probably isn't) of use to other people. The name comes from the sample text in a logo design in the GIMP.

I just tend to use this site as a place to put bits and pieces that I've worked on and that hopefully can help somebody else. So if you find something useful to you, I'm glad to have helped.


About me:

After completing a PhD in Bioinformatics (see my research interests), I have founded my own start-up company, DoseMe Pty Ltd, which develops dose individualisation software for doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare providers.

In the past, I have worked for several different companies, in a variety of positions involving programming, sysadmin, and system design/architecture. As a result there are some tools here that I either modified or wrote to help with that work, and also some other related information.

Some of the more exciting projects that I have been involved in are porting a programming language (compiler/interpreter/virtual machine) (written in C/C++) from Unix to Windows, leading a development team, and architectural systems-related work in the ISP area. If you wish to get in touch, feel free to email me.