Subscribe to UQ's sinet timetable like a normal calendar

Think that SINet's timetable is painful to use and doesn't hit the mark?

Subscribe to your timetable and get updates automatically, the way calendars are supposed to work.

Although UQ makes an iCalendar / vCalendar file available of our timetables through SiNet, it’s a classic example of an IT project delivering what was asked, rather than what is needed. It cannot be subscribed to as you would subscribe to a normal calendar. Given that some faculties seem prone to giving timetable changes at rather short notice, it would be useful to have the calendar auto-sync to our phones and laptops.

I wrote the page linked below to fix this problem. Learn how to subscribe to your calendar and have it auto-update there.

UPDATE: This service is currently down while I work with UQ to try and have it hosted on their infrastructure.

UPDATE 2022: ITS stopped replying after I said that I just needed a Docker image hosted, so the source code is now at if you wish to run it yourself.

Please note, however, that it’s written using mod_perl which isn’t an ideal or even close to modern technology, because:

  1. It needs to intercept a bunch of headers and modify the http response before the web server gets it to fake the calendar server (most easily)
  2. I knew mod_perl, and
  3. I’d otherwise needed to write a middleware layer for some other application server.