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Frequently Asked Questions

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*How do I delete an event?

*How do I add more events?

*Why aren�t there more FAQ�s?

*What is going to be in the next version?


How do I delete an Event?


To delete an entire event, edit the event, and then click on �Remove Event�. The event will be deleted, and you will be returned to the main menu.


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How do I add more events?


  1. Quit �Computerised Carnival�
  2. Enter the directory that �Computerised Carnival� is installed in.
  3. Enter �pristine data�.
  4. Backup the carnival directory that you want to add events to (either athletics or swimming)
  5. Enter the directory that you wish to add events to.
  6. Hold down Shift, and Right-Click on �events.dat�. (Sometimes, only �events� will show.) Choose �Open with other program�.
  7. Scroll down the list, choose Notepad and click open.
  8. In Notepad, you will see something like this:









High Jump1

Long Jump1



Triple Jump1



�12� means the number of events below. An event that ends in �1�, like �Shotput1� is a distance event. Everything else is a timed event. Add the events to it in the order that you wish, remembering to add a �1� to distance events. Then, update the number at the top, changing it to the number of events below.

  1. Save and exit.

10. Open �Computerised Carnival� again, and set up a new carnival of the type that you edited. The events will be added to the list.


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Why aren�t there more FAQ�s?


Because they haven�t been asked yet!


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What is going to be in the next version?


*Double points will be given for relays.

*Triple Draws will be allowed.

*You will be able to installed �Computerised Carnival� into a directory of your choice.


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