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Entering Carnival Events


*To enter an event, click on �Enter Event�


*In the following window, choose the age division, sex and event and click �Go!�






(Age)���������������� �� (Sex)����� (Event)


*While using �Computerised Carnival�, the following screen is the one with which you will become most familiar.


As can be seen, the 12 Boys 100m is the event that is being entered. When started, the cursor will be in the 1st Name box. Pressing Tab will cycle through the various fields. Following are some various rules of use.


*The competitors must be entered in order of place. Otherwise, �Computerised Carnival will assign points incorrectly.


*If there is a draw, remove the text �Only use for draws!� If this is not done, no draw will be detected.


*If there is a draw, only enter the first four people. (Except in the case of drawn fourth). You could, if you wished enter all five, however points would only be allocated to the first four people (except in drawn fourth).






*After the data has been entered, click �Done!� and the points will be updated and you will be returned to the main screen.