Supplementary Data:
Genome-wide in silico prediction of gene expression


How to repeat the experiment:

Firstly, you will need a modern version of R, at least version 2.12.0. You will also need the following modules installed:

Then, download and untar the everything.tar.gz file available above, change into the created directory, and run perform_main_experiments.R . That will create:

For example, running the regression on a Linux box is shown below:

rob@host:~/scratch$ tar zxf everything.tar.gz 
rob@host:~/scratch$ cd McLeay_and_Bailey_2011_expression-0.1/
rob@host:~/scratch/McLeay_and_Bailey_2011_expression-0.1$ R < perform_main_experiments.R 
> #
> #
> # OK, here we perform the main experiments for the paper.
> #
> #
> source('regression_lib.R')

Plots will be saved as PDF files. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Robert.