Computerised Carnival Installation Guide


How to Install Computerised Carnival


1. Choose “Install Computerised Carnival from the Menu.


2. Read and if you agree to the following license, click next. To read the license, use the scrollbar to the right.



3. Choose a directory to install Computerised Carnival into. If you are unsure, just click “Next >”


4. Lots of messages will scroll past, and it will end in a screen like this: (Just ignore the messages – they are for advanced users only.)



5. Click the “Close” button, and when prompted, read the “Read Me” file.


6. Run Computerised Carnival from the Start Menu or from the Desktop.


7. If you receive an error message attempting to run Computerised Carnival, install “Visual Basic Runtimes” off the Computerised Carnival CD.

Copyright Robert McLeay 2001